Project Moccasin

Sep. 22-26

Spend a day with a product or design mentor and see what it’s like to be in their shoes.

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Who Should Apply

Designers, Product Managers, and those transitioning into those areas


The next event takes place during Sep. 22-26, 2014. Application deadline: Sep. 12, 2014


Various locations in NYC


Ever wonder what it’s like to build product in early-stage startups? Curious about how teams make product decisions?¬†What’s it like to be a solo designer or a designer-founder?

Project Moccasin is an opportunity for designers and product folks to spend a day with a product or design mentor to observe how they work, where they work.

The Mentors

Mentors include designer-founders, product designers and product managers from agencies and early-stage startups like Alphaworks and Jukely, to mid-sized and large companies like Shapeways and Shutterstock to name a few.

How it Works

  1. Apply to participate. We’ll follow up to ensure we have a mentor match for you and answer questions you might have. Application deadline is Sep. 12, 2014.
  2. Reserve your spot. Once we have identified a match, make your payment to lock in your mentor. ($25 for reservations made by Aug. 22; $35 thereafter.) Early reservations have the best chance of matching with the limited number of participating mentors.
  3. Pick a day. You and your mentor pick a date during Sep. 22-26 to spend a day where they work.

Learn More

Project Moccasin is organized by Phoebe (@femmebot) as part of the 25x52 initiative. Have questions? Send a message or tweet.